The Common Sense Manifesto

- UN crisis management

With a few curious exceptions there is universal agreement on basic individual human rights, and yet large chunks of the world’s population do not enjoy them – and this sometimes goes unreported, due to lack of vested interests.

Aside from the current figure of 52million refugees/displaced persons through war there is the constant drip feed of incredibly bad and traumatic news of people living in dire, life-threatening circumstances. With the advent of the Net, it is increasingly difficult to ignore the plight of innocent and desperate people, and is in danger of making enjoyment of ordinary life even in peaceful countries  a guilty pleasure.

It’s time to set aside large chunks of national pride and put less resources into national armies and much much more into an effective UN investigative unit and powerful army with specialist units and emergency government made up of retired politicians and peacemakers with proven diplomatic ability.

A twinning of needy with greedy nations is another scheme which would bring about some focus on the problems.

The desperately needy can no longer be ignored.