The Common Sense Manifesto

- The greenhouse effect

In a world which is under threat of global warming and all our licences are at risk from speeding fines, car manufacturers are still perversely striving to produce more speed, performance, luxury and style. Surely these efforts should only be applied on top of a mandatory basic requirement of economic fuel consumption and zero contribution to global warming.

Some drivers have a gas/LPG run cars  and say that they are so ecological that they can’t even commit suicide by running a hosepipe from the exhaust into the car! They seem to be  economical and some well able to surpass all speed limits.

So until something better comes up, what’s the argument against all manufacture of cars henceforth being gas powered?

New production of cars could at least be limited to those with zero or low  carbon emissions – and the second hand market consigned to those who want to persevere with speeding, polluting  or just keeping a treasured car.

We talk of being wary of global warming, angst about the increasing incidence of natural disasters, and an undoubted individual and collective desire to do something about it, and here’s a major opportunity which need not even cost us the earth!