The Common Sense Manifesto

- Spiritual foundation

In the absence of anything better, the majority view appears to be that it is better to have a faith than not to – and yet religion, if not stimulating war,  is undoubtedly in crisis due to apathy, inertia and boredom produced by stagnation. Most faiths have a moral code, which acts as a guideline, and offer some boundaries in an increasingly liberal society.

We’re all wondering why when as S F Said said recently in his speech on ‘us and them’, why,  when we have in fact got at least 80% in common with even our worst enemy or for that matter religious opposite,  we are in so much violent religious conflict.

In most cases there has been an astonishing warping of ‘God’s’ possible initially good  message, not only by minority fanatics but people who wrote up the so called original scriptures in encouraging secularism and particularly male misogyny.

 Despite these massive flaws, the bible and other religious teachings have certainly much more relevance to us than many other subjects taught at GCSE/baccalaureate. So why not bring it alive as a multicultural subject have it as an examined subject, if only to reinforce the value of some of these life-values and guidelines issued by great philosophers, seek and find the 80% common ground, dispel the myths - and revive the all-encompassing idea of ‘love thy neighbour’, endeavouring to put back some  spirituality/soul into life.