The Common Sense Manifesto

-  Insurance against smoking related illness

If you were caught on the leeward side of a bonfire you’d generally do your utmost to get out of the smoke, but the trendy lemming in us for some reason wants to pay to inhale it. This is a perfectly acceptable personal choice, if based on knowledge of the potential personal health implications, and cost to society  of smoking – but the rest of the population shouldn’t have to pay for it - and no-one wants to be in that amazing category who further down the line think they have a case for suing tobacco companies for any subsequent ailments!

A licence to smoke, where smoking is permitted could be the answer.The licence might be  granted to those above 18 years old who pay for an annual private insurance against illnesses caused or related to smoking. This would identify and cost the risks. The premium would be established by private health insurers, who would  supply a extensive list of potential illnesses/ailments promoted by smoking and those happy or brave enough to sign up would be issued with a licence to purchase tobacco at a reasonable market price from a retail outlet and able to smoke in atmospheric licensed smoking rooms within pubs/cafe’s.

It thereby becomes a personal reasoned choice in a free society but without costs to non smokers.

‘Benson and Hedges Gold’ – your life, their gold!