The Common Sense Manifesto

- Food as fuel/medicine

We are what we eat – it’s logical, it’s fact, but in practice we shovel an astonishing variety, and far too much food and drink down our throats – much of which our long suffering bodies regard as poisons.

The cost of this is vast in ill-health, feeling below par, obesity,diabetes, irritability, allergies, and in many cases an ideal breeding ground for cancers.  Any body deficiency can be improved if not eliminated by better diet and this remains an area where with simple guidance and good school meals everyone’s resistance to ailments can be radically improved.

No one wants to deny anyone the right to carry on poisoning themselves, or indulge in individual cravings – but there is no reason why the foundation for this should be laid down and paid for by the school meals system.

Excluding minority interests, it is a proven fact that the majority of the population would thrive on a habitual diet of seasonal, indigenous and preferably organic food, with a vast reduction of sugar, alcohol and moderation of saturated animal fat ,meat,food additives,salt - and choice. A simple seasonal rotation of a diet such as this will be inexpensive to produce and will be a very valuable education in itself. There is no reason why this should be expensive, complicated or exotic – but simply habitual rotations of good food, with the emphasis being made on making them taste good naturally. Hopefully this may also sometimes be linked to actually growing some of the products in school allotments, visiting producers, and cookery classes to enable pupils to put theory into practice. Thus children will also be able to guide errant parents by example when they come home to dinner – and perhaps even help produce it!

The improvement to the foundational health, with the emphasis on the individual being more in tune with the regulation of their own health through diet, the savings on healthcare and the well-being benefits of the population would be enormous.