The Common Sense Manifesto

- Annual Health MOT


Many governments enforce an annual compulsory safety and roadworthiness check on our cars. Humans are more valuable than cars and therefore deserve at least the same respect.

The absence of this is there for all to see, in statistics, in the overburdened health systems, high incidence of obesity, diabetes, cancer and allergies -  and on the streets – in fact if you take the analogy with cars further, there are just too many poorly maintained humans running around  in dangerously bad condition.

It’s clear as crystal that the health service cannot cope with the massive demands on it.

      Annual tests/certificates from birth, paid for by all those who can afford it, and subsidised for others, would be immensely beneficial. The aim would be, as with cars, to monitor the individual’s general health, giving advice with obligatory checks at certain stages in our lives for particular illnesses genetically or vocationally predicted. This obligatory but private test would be a strong influence towards a healthier nation emphasising prevention and sound routine maintenance, rather than one propped up by an expensive medical system based on crisis management and bandage-cures promoted by large multinational drugs companies.

                         The common sense manifesto HQ would aim to produce a study for a health  MOT  timetable plus long term savings estimates.