The Common Sense Manifesto

- Prison reform

Prisons are a massive waste of human resources and we perversely punish law abiding people further by making them pay huge amounts of tax to imprison criminals. A reform is needed whereby private companies might tender for the workforce in prisons and the highest bidder or most suitable company runs the jail-force as a financially viable organisation - this should not be too difficult since there are no labour costs.  For example Ford turns Dartmoor prison into a car factory; the running and marketing of ailing vineyards in France; the training of construction teams for specific charitable projects or the training of offenders for roles in global peace-keeping missions/UN armies , and physical aid to poor countries,(a taste of the misery which so many have to cope with would be a massive disincentive to repeat crime and risk being sent back there).

Prisoners would be entitled to a percentage of profits or percentage of the savings to the government, as compulsory savings for their release from jail – a kind of financial rehabilitation which also removes one of the main reasons for re-offending. Others involved in humanitarian work might benefit from the rise in self-esteem through having helped.

Profit making enterprises would likely have to be purpose-built, with a centralised distribution centre for allocating talents to relevant enterprises,  and prisoners digitally tagged to maintain security, but the end result is an end to the double cost to society of law-breaking/imprisonment and a vastly reduced incentive for re-offending.